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About Us

B's Gourmet Nuts are small batch, hand-crafted nuts focused on blending complimentary flavors to provide a depth and texture not found in your standard nut. We have a simple approach to our creations: identify the highest quality ingredients, prepare with great precision and present in an artful manner. Our goal is to provide a final product you will be proud to gift to a friend or bring into your home time and time again.

B's Gourmet Nuts blossomed out of a healthy love of sharing drinks, food, and conversation in a small, intimate setting. Whether it is sitting at the kitchen counter while Sandy prepares the evening meal, or the Judge stopping by for a taste on a Saturday afternoon, a small nosh always accompanies our drink of choice (typically a Tito's splash of soda and two limes or a healthy pour of Whispering Angel). We quickly learned the power of food and the ability it has to bring unknowing strangers together with a simple bond.

For us, it's also about giving back

Almost every single one of us has been directly impacted by cancer at some point in our lives. The physical toll it takes on the patient is undeniable. What is often overlooked is the mental impact cancer has not just on the patient, but also on the caregivers. While the patient struggles with potentially the greatest battle in his or her life, the caregiver’s needs often get overlooked even though they are also fighting this battle day in and day out supporting their partner. Others are not as fortunate to have a loved one looking after them or supporting their needs during this difficult time. No matter the situation, sometimes a person just needs a place to turn to in their dark hours.

This is why we are honored to donate a portion of proceeds to an organization supporting not only the patient, but EVERYONE effected by cancer. The Cancer Wellness Center helps improve the emotional and physical well-being of people effected by cancer. They provide FREE access to education, wellness and support to those in need. 

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