About Us

B's Gourmet Nuts are small batch, hand-crafted nuts focused on blending complimentary flavors to provide a depth and texture not found in your standard nut. We have a simple approach to our creations: identify the highest quality ingredients, prepare with great precision and present in an artful manner. Our goal is to provide a final product you will be proud to gift to a friend or bring into your home time and time again.

B's Gourmet Nuts blossomed out of a healthy love of sharing drinks, food, and conversation in a small, intimate setting. Whether it is sitting at the kitchen counter while Sandy prepares the evening meal, or the Judge stopping by for a taste on a Saturday afternoon, a small nosh always accompanies our drink of choice (typically a Tito's splash of soda and two limes or a healthy pour of Whispering Angel). We quickly learned the power of food and the ability it has to bring unknowing strangers together with a simple bond.